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Ko Kopukairoa te Maunga

Ko Waitao te Awa

Ko Maataatua te Waka

Ko Nga Potiki te Iwi

Ko Romainohorangi te Tupuna

Ko Tahuwhakatiki te Marae

Ko Linda Munn ko au…….

I also whakapapa to Ngati Manu no Karetu and Te Ātiawa ki Kai Tahu


Linda Munn was guided and mentored by group of strong and forward thinking Wahine who were key members of the Black Women’s Movement Aotearoa and Tamatoa and subsequently became involved with numerous protest events. The land Movement, Anti-nuclear demonstrations, Springbok tour and Hikoi to Waitangi, these were all significant in the reclamation of Māori culture, Te Reo, Whenua, basically not to be treated as 2 nd class people on our own land.


In 1989 the idea of Māori being able to fly their own Kara (flag), being inspired by the First nations and rightful owners of Australia, who had flown their own flag since 1974. Te Kawariki ran a flag competition, from which evolved and what is now as the Tino Rangatiratanga Kara.


The Tino Rangatiratanga Kara is uniquely Maori in its design, it also acknowledges all the whanau and those who were key to the tikanga, korero and who have fought side by side for the Kaupapa.


Munn’s artistic practice reinforces the principles of Tino Rangatiratanga by applying ancestral knowledge to explore the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of Māori tikanga. She works primarily in paint but also works in sculpture, using Uku (clay), wood and stone. She is currently working on public works centered around Nga Potiki cultural elements.

Her artistic passion centers on resistance, community, the protection of women and children against Domestic Violence and the sharing of knowledge.

The values that under line tino is my life


When you're born indigenous - you're born into the service of your people - the level of commitment is life long - in hopes of your legacy continuing for generations to come.


Looking through the lens of a Māori wahine, artist, activist, mother that shapes my paradigm… my artwork encapsulates the ongoing struggles of intergenerational trauma through land loss, cultural assimilation and the colonial mindset.

Commit to children, whānau, marae, activism.


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